Supporting adults into the world of work

Connecting employers and employees with Down’s syndrome

WorkFit is an exciting project from the Down’s Syndrome Association which not only supports adults with Down’s syndrome into work-related activities (paid jobs, volunteering roles, work experience and traineeships) but also supports employers to facilitate this.

The Swindon Down’s Syndrome Group and the Down’s Syndrome Association are working together to provide employment opportunities for people with Down’s syndrome in Swindon and the surrounding area.

WorkFit is a tailored service dedicated to training employers about the Down’s syndrome learning profile. Finding the right employment opportunities, for the right people. We recognise paid work is not right for everyone. A job might be work experience, voluntary work, apprenticeships or paid work.


What is WorkFit?

In 2008 the national Down’s Syndrome Association recognised that a small percentage of their members with Down’s syndrome were in paid work. As a result, the WorkFit program was specifically designed for young people and adults with Down’s syndrome to access meaningful work.

Watch videos about how Steph and Lorni from the Swindon Down’s Syndrome Group have been successful with WorkFit

What is the aim of WorkFit?

The Swindon Down Syndrome group recognise the importance of supporting local people with Down Syndrome to gain work experience and progress into employment.  For this reason, we have funded  our own WorkFit Liaison Officer.

WorkFit is about being there every step of the way of someone’s employment journey. Our WorkFit Liaison Officer makes regular visits to our young people in their work place, which ensures success in the long-term for both the employer and individual.

They work closely with the Down Syndrome Association who provides a unique training programme to all employers who register with WorkFit.

WorkFit in Swindon

Swindon Down’s Syndrome Group welcomes new WorkFit Liason Officer, Roy Perrett

We are really pleased to tell you that we have now successfully employed our new WorkFit Liaison Officer for the Swindon Down’s Syndrome Group. Roy Perrett served for many years in Wiltshire olice, before retiring and was very successful in getting working placements for quite a few of our young people with Downs syndrome into various police stations.

We are very excited to have Roy working with us and he will be hitting the ground running with our upcoming information evening on Thursday 11 November.

If you are interested in find out more about WorkFit, Roy can be contacted via

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wf_news1   Steph starts work at the Village Hotel 
Steph was looking to work in a kitchen environment, began working at the Village Hotel in July. Steph began with a six week work trial and on successful completion was taken on as a paid employee in  September. She works in the kitchen in the morning and supports the bar area and Starbucks in the afternoon.
  Lorni takes on more responsibility
Lorni was already working at Whitehall Garden Centre in Lacock, however was keen to take on more responsibility. She had been working in the café preparing drinks and clearing tables. Once registered with WorkFIt we were able to support Lorni and Whitehall to create more responsibility and increase her working week from two days a week to three.





Who are we working with?

We are looking to work with businesses based in Swindon and the surrounding area to develop opportunities for our young people with Down’s syndrome. See who we are working with at the moment…




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