Primary & Secondary Training Days

Join our dedicated training day to help support children with Down’s syndrome

Are you a teacher or training assistant supporting someone with Down’s syndrome?

Every child with Down’s syndrome in Swindon is given the opportunity to attend mainstream pre-school, primary and secondary school. The annual training day is aimed primarily at teaching staff but is also attended by parents, educational psychologists, portage workers, community nurses and speech therapists providing specific training for the education of people with Down’s syndrome.

Although in many ways children with Down’s syndrome are just like any other child they do have a very specific learning profile. Children with Down’s syndrome are visual learners, can have poor auditory memory skills, short term memory and many have poor gross or fine motor skills. Teachers do not want to let any child down and can worry about having a child with Down’s syndrome in their class.

The Swindon Down’s Syndrome Group offer dedicated training days to support educational professionals who work closely with a child or young person with Down’s syndrome. Our training days typically run in November each year so that the child has been in school for at least six weeks, giving the teacher a chance to get to know them and find out what they know and what they need additional support with.

We are here to support individuals with Down’s syndrome through every stage of their lives. We want to support all those involved in all aspects of supporting children and adults with Down’s syndrome. If you or your school are interested in one of our training days then please get in touch for more information –

Pre-school & Primary Training Day 8 November 2017
ONLY £55 per person

Reading and writing 
Speaker: Sandy Alton
This session will summarise the difficulties children with Down’s syndrome encounter around reading, fine motor, writing and recording skills and will look at a range of strategies to develop them using their visual strengths.

Supporting positive behaviour during primary years
Speaker: Gillian Bird
This workshop will outline how to support social development and positive behaviour from early childhood to the end of primary school. Delegates will receive practical advice on how to support friendships, play and social skills and how to support positive behaviour using learning strengths. Participants will be invited to share their concerns and examples of successful support they have provided.

Supporting communication
Speaker: Erica Ford
Early skills session: This is suitable for those working with children at a pre-school/foundation stage level up to the end of Key Stage 1:
• development of communication
• strategies for supporting early language skills in a classroom setting

Later skills session: Probably most suitable for late key stage one and Key Stage 2.
• development of comprehension and expression particularly vocabulary levels, grammatical development and abstract understanding
• supportive classroom strategies and how to encourage functional use of language.

How to register

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Need a school resource pack?

Our pre-school and school resource packs provide information and teaching aids to help schools meet the educational needs of children with Down’s syndrome.

A typical pack contains…

• A selection of useful books – ‘Teaching Reading to Children with Down’s syndrome’, ‘Supporting Children with Down’s syndrome’, ‘Luke has Down’s syndrome’ and ‘We’ll Paint the Octopus Red’.
• Down Syndrome Issues and Information – an extensive series of comprehensive educational resources.
• Pocket colour cards packs.
• Speaking for Myself Plus software – an excellent resource for teaching speaking and listening, designed for children with special educational needs.
• Numicon “at home” teaching kit.
• Downs Ed picture lotto.
• See and Learn Language and Reading First Word Pictures.
• Makaton Nursery Rhymes DVD


For more information please email or call 01793 538335

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