Todd gets paid employment at Coles Scaffolding

Potential employers are never too far away. In Todd’s case an old family friend gave in to Todd’s persistence a few months ago. Martyn Coles the owner of Coles Scaffolding Contractors Limited had been nagged by Todd for some work experience. Eventually, as Martyn said “I decided to give him a chance”.

This chance has been so successful that Martyn now wants to make Todd’s position permanent. Todd’s mother Vicky, who has been a long standing member of the Swindon Down’s Syndrome Group contacted Jonathan Grew the Swindon Employment Liaison officer for WorkFit so that Todd and Cole’s Scaffolding could become part of the WorkFit programme.

Although Todd is “part of the furniture” Martyn welcomed the opportunity for his team to have WorkFit training to further their support for Todd. In turn Vicky has found it helpful to understand from Jonathan the paperwork that needs to be put in place prior to full employment, as did Martyn.

Todd working at Coles Scaffolding