The start of Charlie’s GCSE journey

Charlie’s mum Mandy shares with us what Charlie’s first week in year 10 has been like as he heads back to school…

It doesn’t seem like yesterday that we were worried about Charlie’s first day at Highworth Warneford Secondary school. Had we  made the right choice sending him to mainstream? Had we made the right decision for him to go to a different one to his brother? Would his primary friends still be his friends or would it not be cool? Well here we are finishing the first week of Year 10 and ‘yes’ is the answer to all the questions.

Charlie loves his school, his teachers and friends he even likes homework. Warneford staff and pupils have accepted him into their school life and encouraged him to do well. He has made other friends away from his primary set who want to be friends with him for just being Charlie and he has grown with them. Charlie has now chosen the subjects he wants to do to match with what he wants to do when he leaves school, a Hotel Manager, aiming high!

This year like others years will bring many challenges and this year and year 11, we know, will be his hardest due to the change in the GSCE system, but we will embrace that challenge with Charlie and the school knowing that they will help and guide him, whilst having a great set of friends along the way.