Jo’s Blog Salamander Day 5
Friday, where has this week gone? I love this week so much and now it’s Friday and I won’t be seeing smiling fa...
Date Posted:25-Aug-2017

Jo’s Blog: Salamander Day 4
Where does the week go? Day 4 already and what a day it has been. So, we start with breakfast because that’s what...
Date Posted:24-Aug-2017

Jo’s Blog: Salamander Day 3
The morning routine of eggs, bacon, sausages and toast is on the minds of the young people today and they can’t w...
Date Posted:23-Aug-2017

Jo’s Blog: Salamander Day 2
Day two already, where does the time go? We have had such a laugh today. Your young people make us smile every day,...
Date Posted:22-Aug-2017

Jo’s Blog: Salamander Day 1 2017
The best week of the year has arrived again and Salamander 2017 has started. It’s so good seeing everyone back an...
Date Posted:21-Aug-2017

Jo’s Salamander Blog – Day 5 2016
Last day, I can’t believe its Friday and it’s all over for another year. I want to be happy and say so many pos...
Date Posted:12-Aug-2016

Jo’s Salamander Blog – Day 4 2016
The week is going by so fast, one minute it’s Monday and now I’m typing up about Thursday! We have had such a b...
Date Posted:11-Aug-2016

Jo’s Salamander Blog Day 3 2016
Before I start I have three apologies (I know). First to Marcello for a spelling error on his name yesterday. Most ...
Date Posted:10-Aug-2016

Jo’s Salamander Blog – Day 2 2016
Our second day has come around quickly and before I knew it I’m sat back at the laptop ready to tell you what wen...
Date Posted:9-Aug-2016

Jo’s Salamander Blog – Day 1
Jo’s Blog Day 1 And here we are 2016 Salamander, where does the time go? The best week of the year is here again....
Date Posted:8-Aug-2016

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