Jo’s Salamander Blog – Day 5 2016
Last day, I can’t believe its Friday and it’s all over for another year. I want to be happy and say so many pos...
Date Posted:12-Aug-2016

Jo’s Salamander Blog – Day 4 2016
The week is going by so fast, one minute it’s Monday and now I’m typing up about Thursday! We have had such a b...
Date Posted:11-Aug-2016

Jo’s Salamander Blog Day 3 2016
Before I start I have three apologies (I know). First to Marcello for a spelling error on his name yesterday. Most ...
Date Posted:10-Aug-2016

Jo’s Salamander Blog – Day 2 2016
Our second day has come around quickly and before I knew it I’m sat back at the laptop ready to tell you what wen...
Date Posted:9-Aug-2016

Jo’s Salamander Blog – Day 1
Jo’s Blog Day 1 And here we are 2016 Salamander, where does the time go? The best week of the year is here again....
Date Posted:8-Aug-2016

Salamander Day 5 Jo’s blog
I’ve sat here for the last 20 minutes thinking how to start this. Trouble is if I start at some point I will fini...
Date Posted:5-Sep-2015

Salamander Day 5 2015 Nicky’s blog
Last day but their enthusiasm, enjoyment, hard work and smiles have not faded and in fact, I think they have all st...
Date Posted:5-Sep-2015

Salamander Day 4 2015 Nicky’s blog
Have to admit I am a bit weary today. I hardly sleep at all Salamander week. It’s not a lack of trust or worry it...
Date Posted:5-Sep-2015

Day 3 Salamander 2015 Nicky’s blog
So do you all agree with me? Is Coate Water just not the best day? Why? Well for so many reasons but firstly, who d...
Date Posted:26-Aug-2015

Day 3 Salamander 2015 Jo’s blog
Once again a huge amount of food is consumed at breakfast, so wonderfully cooked by Nicky and Denise. I think they ...
Date Posted:26-Aug-2015

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