Salamander Day 4 2015 Jo's blog

It’s getting so close now, the end of the week is getting closer and closer. But first another fun packed day and hard work to get the show ready for you all. Today is a special day, but can’t say why as it’s a secret. Well at this stage of the blog it is!! We start with our breakfast which is going down really well with everyone. Too well with some of them as they are packing away two plates full.
After breakfast it’s down the pole in record time. No messing about now, it’s straight down and onto the next pole (yes we do two each time). I can’t say who, but the second drop was a little flavoursome to say the least and poor Mark and James nearly passed out! There are far too many beans being consumed!!
It’s over to the classroom to find out who is doing what. Today we have cutting up cars, smoke house with smoke, and some safety video’s. The blue team is split with the other teams and they set off to their jobs.
First though the car that is being cut up needs to be moved so Seamus and a couple of firefighters move it into position. Now it’s ready for its makeover curtesy of the first team. I love to see their faces as the cutters crack through and the sense of accomplishment wipes over them. Do please keep all cutting tools locked away as now they are professionals at this and we hold no responsibility for any reshaping of family cars!
Meanwhile the second team is rescuing the baby from the smoke house and this time there are no lights and there is smoke. Sophie made it in with a little help from Phil and then she managed some great pictures with Nev saving the baby. Nicole found the exit quickly and Charlotte chased her several times through the smoke house, in one door and out the next regardless of all the smoke. Then it’s time to swap around and the cutting crew head in to watch the DVD’s and cool down with drinks (yes cool down! The sun came out for a bit).
Time for dinner and its chicken chips and salad, wow this bunch eats for England! Sorry if they can’t fit into uniforms next week but the food is delicious and they enjoy every mouthful.
Back down the pole and over to get changed ready for show practice. It’s at this point that the heavens open. This doesn’t worry any of our young people they carry on regardless.
Far too soon another day is over and we go back to the classroom for a brilliant surprise rendition of happy birthday to the birthday boy……you need to ask them who as I’m not allowed to say!