Salamander Day 1 2015 Jo’s Blog

Rain didn’t stop play!

Here we are at my favourite week of the year, which means the last 12 months has flown by and its Salamander week again. It is so good to see smiling faces that can’t wait to start.
As we do each year the young people are put into teams.
Red team: – In charge we have Nev (Firefighter) with Dave( Senior Crew) and Abi (SW Ambulance Service) helping. The team consists of Sophie, Ryan, Luke, and Frazer.
Blue team: – In charge we have Sean Firefighter) with Phil (SW Ambulance Service) & Chris (Senior Crew) helping. The team is Myles, Oliver, Michael and Lane.

White team: – In charge is James (Firefighter) with Jules (Police Service) and Charlotte (Senior Crew) helping. The team is Callum, Nicole, Josiah and Charlie.

Green team: – In charge is Steve (Firefighter) with Tariq (Police Service) and Charley (Senior Crew) helping. The team consists of Zac, Seamus, Sam and Stephen.

Of course we have our main team as well, Mark, Fraser and Nicky who are looking after everyone tacking pictures and ensuring all the teams are doing as they should.
We start with our usual breakfast, sausage, bacon, hash browns, egg, baked beans and toast cooked by Nicky and Denise. Everyone knows the routine and they find the team tables sit themselves down while the juice is handed out and knives and forks are laid. There’s lots of chatting and laughing to start, but the minute the breakfast is in front of them there is a silence in the room that means they are enjoying every mouthful.

After breakfast it is straight back down to the classroom to see the order of the day. We start with the station tour and re-enforce the safety points of the week, where they are able to go and where not and the fact they need an adult in places such as the smoke house or in the main building.

Time to get into kit and try out the activities of the morning. Though they have all done this before there are still challenges to overcome and new goals are set. This year a teddy needs saving in the “Shark infested custard”. It was great to see the teams working together and helping each other out. They really do work well together at this.
The blindfold is always a challenge, not doing it, no…… that’s not the problem! It’s doing it and not having the urge to cheat……mentioning no names, but please check out the pictures.

Next come more fun bits with the hoses and ladders. Today I smiled the biggest smile as Luke went up the ladder, as clear as a bell came “foot the ladder”, just brilliant and the he smiled all the way up the ladder.

Soon it is lunch time and again they fall into routine and upstairs for pasta bolognaise. Today’s dinner is cooked by Mark, I have to say it was very tasty and most had seconds!!
With everyone full it is time to start the next challenge, oh yes its pole time!! Wow, is all I can say. Everyone completed a drop, this is the first year ever I think that this has happened. How things have changed from spending at least an hour waiting for them to pluck up courage to go down to watching them one by one head down with ease.

The afternoon we all swapped around and played hunt the teddy in the smoke house. Well done Sophie for going round even though she wasn’t sure she wanted too. All was good though and she managed all rooms in the dark.

Other found more than the teddy! Again see pictures. It was at this point though that being in a dark house with this many young people after baked beans is never good… No one admitted it!

Looking forward to tomorrow now and ready for my bed, just before I go though I have to say well done all you keep amazing me with what you all achieve.