Salamander 2019 – Day two

Well to say today was wet may be an understatement. Did it stop us? Of course not… we laugh in the face of wet weather! 

Our lovely breakfast was ready for us as soon as everyone had arrived this morning. So, sat in their teams they devoured the usual sausage, eggs, beans, bacon and toast. I’m afraid the beans got to a couple of the young people today and the changing bay was a tad smelly at times!

After breakfast it was straight down to get into full kit and onto the minibus and fire engines to go over to Westlea to do the high tower, tunnels and first aid. The rain didn’t deter any off them and the first team was kitted up and ready to go up the tower. Green team were the first up and each one of them descended from the top. I’ve put up a couple of video clips on Facebook for you to see how brave these young people are. Blue team followed, then red and white were after. Only three young people didn’t do the abseil but each of them had a go at climbing the tower. A great moment as we heard the shouts of “I’m Spiderman” as one young person came down made us all chuckle. 

While this was going on the other teams were climbing and crawling through the tunnels. This year it was all a little muddy because of the … yep rain! Sorry for any black faces. 

Inside the station was a chance to stay dry while they talked about being safe, first aid and calling 999. Each had a turn at being a patient and putting their friends into the recovery position. They really did well at this. Maybe you can get them to show you what they learnt. 

We had an exciting end to the morning – the Boom Box. Tim, who is Watch Manager from the Training Centre, gave a brilliant talk on what happens when the gasses build in a fire and the dangers of breathing them in. There is a video clip on Facebook of the talk with the demonstration of the Boom Box that made me jump every time. So sorry for the jump while filming it took me by surprise even though I knew it was coming! It was a fascinating demonstration that all the young people were glued to. Thank you Tim for coming over to show us. 

Soon it was time to head back to the station for dinner. By now they were all really hungry and lunch was swooped up quickly. 

After lunch it was down and back into kit for ladder work and hoses. The teams had a go at climbing the larger ladders and using the hoses with a ride around the yard in the engine with the sirens on. Large smiles all round. 

Today has flown by and we’ve packed in loads. I hope you all have a good rest of the week and we are looking forward to seeing you next Tuesday. 

Please remember to bring your spare clothes back on Tuesday as we may need them. Also please can I ask that you put a name tag or a label on the bags as we have had several moments of not knowing who’s is who’s belonging’s. Not every young person can identify their own things. 

Don’t forget to take a look at the photo’s we have put up on our gallery page as well as our Facebook page. See you next week.