Wow, what a brilliant day we have had today! So, let’s start from the top. Breakfast was ready when we went up and they all enjoyed their lovely plates of sausages, bacon, eggs, beans and toast. Anyone would think they’ve never been fed before! Today they will need a good breakfast because it’s Nicky’s favourite day of the course, Water Safety Day. 

After breakfast it was down to the yard where the sun was out along with some chairs for everyone to sit on. No fire kit needed today as we get to wear the fluffy onesies and dry suits. First on with the onesies. Then the dry suits are squeezed onto the young people. There’s a couple of pictures of what happens when you don’t quiet get it first time and you lose the head inside the suit. This is the hard bit as the neck is designed to be very waterproof so is extremely tight to get over their heads. Once this is all done, they are zipped up and PFD’s are put on to ensure they float in the water, helmets and gloves are added to create an airtight young person. Now is not the time for the wind to be released from baked beans!!

Everyone is loaded onto the minibuses and Fire Engines and off we head to Coate Water. Once the other end off we get and the Walkway is inflated. Everyone carefully made it to the side of the enclosed area. It was at that point Mark made the call that it wasn’t safe to go in the water due to the vast amounts of algae. 

Plan B……

Everyone is loaded onto the minibuses and Fire Engines and off we head to Buscot Weir. What a great place this is. Everyone is eased into the water and the fun can begin. Now we usually do a little water safety but due to the scenic adventure it was time for fun. All but two swam across to the weir and I don’t do it often, but I’m stunned to say so did I. Yes I made it across!! Those of you that know me well know I’m the one who stays at the side so pat on the back for me, after doing 10 courses I swam…. 

The Firefighters have been over here many a time so knew that a great game is putting your head through the water in the waterfall. Yes your young people couldn’t wait to do this and many of them more than once. What a blast it was. They are all mad. 

Now it’s time to leap in and swim back. Some went in forwards, some went in backwards (some of us were misled into going in backwards..!! No names Mark !!) and someone did a somersault …..because he can. 

So now we have a few moments for removing helmets gloves and PFD’s and grabbing a drink and biscuit. Time to head back to the station for dinner.  Everyone was extremely hungry by now. Before we go back a quick visit to the toilets where Nicky discovered a Bat, yes you read it right, a Bat in the toilet. Don’t find one of those every day. 

I really am so proud of them all today, nothing was an obstacle and the faces and screams of delight as they put their heads in and out of the water was a delight. This could become my favourite day as well..!!!

I hope they all sleep well. 

See you in the morning.