What a great day we have had. 2019 Salamander has started and we have some new faces this year. We welcome them to the best five days of the year.  

There are four watches (teams) Red Watch has Robert, Abbie, Milo and Sophie with FF Steve leading them and Police Constable Loz helping. 

Blue Watch is Lane, Callum, Charlie and Jeremy with FF Rob leading and Toby helping. 

Green Watch, Alicia, Jane, Immy and Travis with FF Nathan and Police Sergeant Dan.

White Watch, Josiah, Andrew, Jamie and Leo with FF Darryl leading and FF Josh and Police Sergeant Chris. 

Well for those who know the routine we start each day with a lovely cooked breakfast cooked by the extremely hard-working Nicky. Some of you may have noticed you don’t see Nicky in the morning, because she is slaving over a hot stove upstairs getting our breakfast ready. We have sausage, bacon, egg, baked beans and toast with squash. 

After breakfast it’s downstairs for the start of the day. The morning is filled with team building exercises. We have “Blind Leading the Blind”, “Shark Infested Custard”, “Bench Work” and “Getting to know the Pump.” Each team has a go at each activity. I think there may have been a little cheating on the blind leading the blind, but this is not unusual on this activity and it causes a lot of laughs. There was so much hugging on the benches. This is the only time we allow hugging during the course and they are not supposed to step off. Some great photos of this. We were all really impressed how they all worked together on the Shark Infested Custard. Lots of talking and instruction to each other. Well done teams great work throughout the morning. 

Soon it’s lunch time and I think they have worked up an appetite already! Lunch is laid out and ready upstairs. Lots of fresh salad, ham, chicken, tuna and egg mayonnaise, bread, wraps and crisps. Juice all round and a moment or two of quiet while they tuck in. I have to say there was not much left at the end. 

After lunch it’s back down to get kitted up ready for ladders, smokehouse, and hoses. The ladders did not seam to phase them this year. Even if it was climbing halfway or to the top, each one of them had a go. 

Inside the Smokehouse the baby was rescued (several times) and the teams found their way around the dark house using their hands and feet to feel the walls and locate the exit. 

The teams also got to use the hoses this afternoon and much excitement as they got to spray anything that got in their way. 

Please take a look at the photo’s we have put up on our gallery page as well as our Facebook page and Jo & Nicky’s 50th page also on Facebook.

All in all, a very successful day with lots of smiles and laughter. I hope they all sleep well as I know I will. See you all in the morning with your t-shirts on and ready to go. 

Night night.