salamander 2019 – day four

Another course nearly over, where does it go? We have had a great day in the sunshine. With the start of last week in the rain this week has been fantastic. Blue skies and smiling faces, how can you not love this course? 

After our wonderful breakfast (which was eaten nearly in silence) it was down to get changed ready to start our busy day. The teams were split so that two teams headed over to cut up some cars, one team went to the smoke house and one team to do hoses. 

There’s nothing better than cutting up cars and each young person had a go at dismantling a car. They started with popping the windows and this is such fun. There are some pictures of the shattered glass on FB now. Then the cutters come out. Immy’s eyes light up and the smile spreads, that girl can’t wait to get her hands on the cutting equipment!! She’s in her element. Everyone gets to make a cut and the roof can then be lifted off. 

Each year I joke about locking up your tools so you don’t end up loosing the roof off your family car. But I do worry that they are now getting really good at this activity and they enjoy it so much. So, I’m warning you now!

Meanwhile there was lots of activity in the smoke house with the added bonus of a little smoke. There was also action on the hoses and you know that all of this is going to be put together ready for the show. 

The morning shot by and it was soon time for lunch. Again, lunch is eaten and today they made record time. Served, eaten, cleared away and down in the yard in one hour. We went straight to the classroom where they picked their jobs for the show. It’s down to the real fun action stuff now and we start to get ready for tomorrow. 

The young people are sent to their jobs and the support crew now know their roles for tomorrow. Smiles all round as they screech around the yard in the fire engine. Lots of water and a baby…….. that’s all I can say on that matter. You will have to wait until the show to see what happens.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow. 

Please remember that there is parking over the road at the County Ground.