Well I don’t know about you, but I’m an emotional wreck! Thank you to you all for letting me part of your young persons life for these 5 amazing days. They are all incredible. 

This blog is really a huge thank you to everyone who has been involved in the course. But first a run down of this morning. Breakfast is eaten with delight and I’m sure you are all going to follow our lead and cook a full English for them for the remain of the holiday!! 

Down to the yard and into kit to run through the show. They all put their heart and souls into their parts so they can show you all what they have learnt throughout the 5 days. I hope you agree that it’s brilliant to see them going up and down ladders, cutting up cars and entering a smoke-filled house. As well as this there is the caring side as they look after the injured in the show, but not only that they look after each other. It’s a joy to see and I think firm friends have been made. 

So now to say thank you …… 

First to Danny, Loz and Chris from the Police. You guys have been amazing. Thrown into a group of young people who can be completely unpredictable, nothing has fazed you. You have been there for them every step of the way and they have loved you being there. Thank you for your patience, and thank you for listening, even if you’ve just heard it 3 minutes before! Please come again and visit us. 

Katie, thank you from the bottom of my heart. It’s like I’ve known you for years. Thank you for your shoulder in the moment I needed it and thank you for your kindness to everyone in the group. You came in this week and fitted in instantly, making friends with the young people and helping them when needed but ensuring they did it themselves when they could. We plunged you straight into water on the first morning and nothing has fazed you since. You are an amazing lady. 

Suzanne, even though you were only with us a short time you really made a difference. Thank you for your support and help. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed having you with us. There’s never a dull moment on our courses and you joined in and helped us through them. Thank you. 

Toby, wow you have made 17 new friends (includes me) Nothing has been a problem for you and you’ve looked after the groups with kindness and care. Thank you for all your support through the 5 days, it’s been such a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for letting the young people be themselves but being one step behind them ensuring they are safe. You have really made a difference to them this year.

To all the Firefighters who have been with us on the course. You are amazing, I have so much respect for you all. Thank you to Steve, Nathan, Liam, Martin, Darryl, Josh, Matt, Dan, Rob, Jay and Nev. It’s you guys that make dreams come true for our young people. Even when you think they aren’t going to do it and its all going wrong you don’t give up and you get them to do it all again. Those are the moments they will always remember, those are the moments they will go and tell their families about. Thank you.

My biggest thanks is always to Mark and Nicky for the hours of hard work that goes into this course. You treat every single young person as if they were your own. Everyone is equal and everyone has an opportunity to shine. This is why this course means so much to us. Thousands of thank you’s will never cover how grateful as parents we are for your support in the course. Give me until September and I will be on the phone to you ready to book next year! Thank you so. So much for everything. 

I hope those of you that came today enjoyed the show. We are so very proud at what they have all achieved. We have seen maturity and confidence this week and it’s brilliant to watch them grow into the amazing young people they are.

I say goodnight to you all as I say a final thank you. This course has been brilliant. Thank you to everyone for letting us be part of your young person’s life. I hope they have enjoyed it as much as I have. 

I leave you with a quote I found….

“Be courageous in life. Life has so many opportunities so do not be scared to grasp any opportunity that comes your way. You have the ability to do anything you have your heart and mind set to do, even the things that frighten you.”

I raise my glass to them all and wish you good night.