Sainsbury's Collection 13 & 14 Feb

It’s that time again for the Sainsbury‘s collection for February, this time it is a little different.
As you can see this is around Valentines Day, we are allowed to help wrap the flowers and we can get the profits from the wrapping.  You have to be over 18 to do this and a training session will happen a week before.
So that we can the maximum time around the busy period, we have changed the times slightly.  The Friday session will be held between 12 and 7pm and the Saturday session from 9am – 2pm.
We can have 3/4 helpers at any one time and our adults with Down’s Syndrome are also allowed to help wrap the flowers.  We will also have a table at the front of the store for those that wish to help but are not old enough to help with the wrapping of the flowers.
This is an amazing opportunity for us and the collections held by the previous Sainsbury‘s Charities of the Year have done very well at the flower wrapping events.
If you can help out with with either the wrapping or the front of store collections can you please email