Local MP visits Swindon Down's Syndrome Group

Local MP Justin Tomlinson has attended a meet and greet session hosted by parents, staff and teachers alongside the Swindon Down’s Syndrome Group at Oakhurst Primary School, for children with Downs Syndrome and their families. 


The event was a huge success and presented a great networking opportunity for adults, whilst giving the children a number of different activities to join in with including biscuit decorating and dancing.


In total, children and their families from seven different primary schools came together for the event to enjoy the afternoon and share their experiences


Sarah Tuck of Oakhurst Primary School originally came up with the idea after being inspired by Florence Park, a reception pupil at Oakhurst who has Down’s Syndrome. The idea was to get everybody together to offer mutual support and make lasting connections.


Support was also on hand from Kim West, Chair of Swindon Down’s Syndrome Group and Julie Thomas, a trustee of the group which is a parent-led charity working across Swindon with an affiliation to the National Down’s Syndrome Association.


Erica Ford, a speech and language therapist for children with Down’s Syndrome was also at the meet and greet, with many of the children she helps delighted to see her. Erica is one of the any projects funded by Swindon Down’s Syndrome Group to work with the children to provide them with the extra support that they need.


The Group also fund training days for teachers in order to fully equip them with the skills required so that children with Down’s Syndrome can get the best out of their education.

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