Life is so much easier now Lily can communicate what she wants

Regular Speech and Language Therapy gives our young people the opportunity to develop their speech and comprehension skills, enabling them to go on to achieve far more than might otherwise have been possible for them, and to become much better integrated into the community.

Lily’s mum, Amanda, shares how speech and language therapy has helped her daughter.

Lily was a very smiley baby, enjoyed interacting with others and seemed very keen to communicate. However for a long time she was unable to speak.

During Lily’s sessions at Springboard Opportunity Group in Chippenham, and Portage, we were introduced to using Makaton. As a family, we all learned some Makaton signs and used them at home, alongside spoken words. Even Lily’s sisters Aislinn and Sophie (who was only 2 at the time!) joined in enthusiastically learning the signs and doing their best to encourage Lily to copy. Lily’s grandparents even learned to sign to her.

After persevering with this for some time, Lily slowly started using a couple of signs, waving ‘hello’ and signing ‘food.’ At Springboard she really enjoyed singing nursery rhymes and signing along with Makaton. We started to sing these songs to her at home. After a long time of doing this, she gradually started to copy some of the signs, singing the words. This really was a big breakthrough in her finding her voice – she still has a big love of singing!

Lily sees her NHS Speech and Language Therapist approximately once per term. She has been brilliant in helping Lily with swallowing problems and advising how to help Lily’s speech and language to develop. We were so grateful for the help Lily was receiving, but wished she could have more sessions, to help to bring her on as she was so behind with her speech.

We became involved with the Swindon Down’s Syndrome Group when Lily was around two and a half. After we joined, we were told that the group provide regular speech therapy (SALT) free of charge. 

We were given a form to complete and promptly sent an appointment to see the Group’s therapist, Erica.

Lily really enjoys her sessions with Erica. She has given us so much useful advice on how we can help Lily to progress. Things that were easy to do, such as having Lily with me when I’m doing the housework, and describing what I’m doing to increase Lily’s vocabulary. Giving her choices such as ‘do you want the blue ball or the yellow ball?’,  and even helping her to start ‘reading’ by matching simple words to photos. 

Having the extra SALT sessions, which the NHS just can’t provide, with a Down’s Syndrome Specialist such as Erica, has made a huge difference to Lily’s progress.

Since Lily has been seeing Erica I have noticed huge improvements in Lily’s speech and understanding. Erica is so knowledgeable about Down’s syndrome and I feel very thankful to the Swindon Down’s Syndrome Group that they provide this extra service. It has been invaluable to Lily’s development.

This improvement in Lily’s speech skills have had a huge effect on her life. Other children at nursery find it easier to understand her, so she is more able to play with them and form friendships. She used to get very frustrated because no one could understand what she was saying. Life is so much easier for her now she can communicate what she wants.

Lily is now three and a half and her speech is going from strength-to-strength. She is still delayed in her speech & language development, but continues to improve all the time. She can now speak in sentences, telling us what she wants for breakfast or which episode of Mr Tumble she wants to watch! One of the best moments recently was when I was putting her to bed, and she suddenly gave me a big hug said ‘love you Mummy.’