Josh’s first day at school

Josh, aged 4, had his very first day of school  this week. His mum Michelle tells us what it was like for them as parents watching Josh start school and how the first day went…

Before Josh started school, I could sum up how I felt about him starting school in two words – nervous and excited. I am sure this was the same as every other parent whose child was starting school for the first time. However I had some very different worries to most other parents – how would Josh get on with his one-to-one? Will the other children understand Josh’s speech? We had spent time in the days leading up to starting school, looking at pictures of his classroom and his teacher. He smiled as we looked at them and was excited to be going to “big school”. Josh was nervous too and hid his face in my shoulder as I carried him across the playground this morning.
Now he has had his first day, my over-riding feeling is of pride. He did it and enjoyed it and wants to go back again tomorrow! Chris and I can’t stop looking at the traditional first day of school picture that so many parents have. For us, it is a reminder of how far Josh has come. Although finding out what he did each day is going to be a challenge. When I asked him what he did today, his answer was “soft play”!