Jo’s Salamander Blog – Day 4 2016

The week is going by so fast, one minute it’s Monday and now I’m typing up about Thursday!

We have had such a busy day today with another birthday. Yes Myles is 22 today. Happy Birthday Myles, thank you for the lovely cake.

DSC01898 DSC01897

Breakfast is cooked and upstairs we head where they are now in full routine. Tables are set and juice is poured before each team head into the kitchen to choose what they want. This is usually everything!

Once we are all done it’s time for the pole drop. We are now confident and only Jamie is still nervous of the pole. It’s not easy to lean forward and grab the pole while facing the drop and for some it takes longer to master it. Its fine we don’t mind and we don’t force them into it. It will happen when they are ready.

Back down in the yard it’s time to get kit on as it is car cutting day today. RTC – Road traffic Collision for those in the know. We split the teams into two today so they get one car each to cut apart. They all get a go at slicing their way through the car and converting it into something smaller than it started. The cutters are extremely powerful and heavy but the young people take it in their stride and carry on.

We do try hard to enforce that window smashing is only for Salamander car’s but you may wish to make that really clear at home…..!! They were very good at it……say no more.

DSC01875 DSC01815

So while one team is car cutting the other is going into the smoke house and through the tunnels. Today there is smoke inside to add to the drama. They are looking for the baby in the dark rooms. Don’t worry the smoke is safe and used by the Firefighers to train with. I’m not sure today if baby was found? Its fine we shall recover him later!!

Once the two cars are looking well cut up and we have crawled through tunnels, they have worked up an appetite (yes more food) for lunch. Today was pasta and chicken with salad. The sound of silence was lovely as I came into the dining room after getting my lunch. They were all so focused on their meals. I have to say it doesn’t last long as silence is hard for Myles as he starts to giggle, then they are all off and the chatter starts again. Thanks to Myles’s family we have a lovely chocolate birthday cake. We all sing happy birthday and more giggling as he blows out the candles.

Soon it’s time for a quick pole drop, yes it’s getting quicker as they gain more confidence each day. Back over to get changed and into the classroom to be shown what they are doing for the show.

At this point we usually say “that’s all folks” as we can’t tell you what goes on until you see it tomorrow. But! Because it is Myles’s birthday it is only right that he gets his gift from the Salamander team.

Gareth has prepared a large (and I mean large) barrel of water at which point Myles is lifted and popped into it. With screams of joy….honest, he plunges himself up to his neck. He is then carefully poured out. Now a few hugs, one for Jules and one for Abi, who runs around the yard being chased by a very wet Myles. Happy Birthday mate for all the crew.

Last day tomorrow. A sad moment as I love this week so much. I am looking forward to seeing you all at the show where you can cheer on and be proud of your young person, because I know we are.

Nigh night