Jo’s blog Salamander day 4

Well Thursday already, where does the week go? I just don’t want it to end. But hay we still have another day to go and a brilliant show to put on.

The teams have breakfast down to a swift routine now and it was straight upstairs for our full English, plus whatever else they can find to eat. Yes they are still eating!! We were joined for a few minutes this morning by Seamus’s mum for a very special birthday treat.  Tracy did her first pole drop cheered on by all the teams. Well done Tracy it was done with style and Happy Birthday from all at Salamander.

Once breakfast was devoured it was down to the yard for my favourite activity, car cutting, yes that moment that you realise the one skill your young person wants to show you when they get home is how to convert your car to an open top!! The sheer enjoyment of cutting a car up is clear to see in the faces as bits of car are reshaped with the huge cutters. Some great cutting from Zac, Seamus, Sophie, and Michael (and more that I didn’t see when I was in the smoke house.

Up at the other end of the station were Abi and Phil teaching some very useful first aid skills to the teams. I came in while Oliver was bandaging Nicky, he wanted her to be a Mummy, interesting take on bandage skills.

The other teams were guided around the smoke house to find the cat and the baby. Some great team work here and rest assured the baby is safe and the cat was rescued. ). Sam made a great leader in the smoke house and was quick to feel his way round the walls. Well done Sam.

There was a point though where I thought we may lose the cat after an encounter with Mark, yes Mr Evans you were spotted and not just by me!!!

It is soon dinner time, the morning has gone by so fast and today we were joined by Cara from the Police who did the course two years ago. So good to see her, and some of the lad’s faces lit up when they saw her again.

Another clean set of plates and it’s clear that the budget for food will need to be increased if this group do it again next year.

After dinner we have time for a few memories on the DVD front as we watched some clips from the first year we did the course, it’s incredible to see how they have matured and become such great young people. I hope in a few years we can look back again and see how this year’s new recruits have grown.

Well it’s now time for show practice so you will have to wait and see what happens, can’t spoil the surprise. Early nights for all (as we had a couple drop off to sleep today, and yes I have pictures)

See you all at the show…….

Night night