Jo’s Blog: Salamander Day 2

Day two already, where does the time go? We have had such a laugh today. Your young people make us smile every day, but today we have laughed so much.

First things first, breakfast! Routine is set now and they all know what happens once Mark has said it’s time to go up. Nicky meets us with the wonderful smell of cooked breakfast and there are smiles all round. Off they head table at a time to collect their plate full of sausages, egg, bacon, beans and toast. It’s hard to resist the smell of cooked breakfast even if you are still full from yesterday.

Once we are cleaned up it’s down to the classroom to get ready for the day. Because of shift patterns there are some new faces helping out and a couple of changes with helpers. We are joined by FF Martin who led the Blue team and Shannon joined the blues as well today. We also had help from Myles a Fire Service Volunteer. It was kit on for everyone so we could practice drill as a complete group. Yes, we still need to work on the left and right!!

Red team hung their tunics up and head off with Mark to set up the Chemical shower, Portaflex Shower, well so it says on the box! Because it is Seamus’s birthday today he gets to slip into a nice little outfit and try the shower out. If you haven’t seen the video clip on our FB page now is the time to look. The huge yellow suit is to protect the firefighters in chemical spills. Seamus got to stand in the shower and then walk out the other side. Just brilliant. Once the suit is off he is completely dry. Unlike his team member………. Douglas was dared to go in, and did! I haven’t laughed so much in ages. He was soaked from head to foot. Lucky the leggings and boots kept him dry on the bottom, but the top…….

Now that shower seemed to attract attention, at one-point Alicia was standing in it. Behind her a Fire Fighter with a glint in his eye turned the water on, all be it very slowly. A little voice suddenly said “u-oh” as she looked down to see the spray of water coming out again. She soon moved, but it left us laughing again.

Meanwhile Green team were cutting up cars, not just any car I hasten to add before you all get nervous but I must say don’t leave sharp objects about if you value your car. This group caught on very quickly that cars come apart nicely with large cutters. You’ve been warned! This is my favourite part, I really love the car cutting. I think it’s a power thing but it may be just the satisfaction of hearing the crunch of the cut.

The Blue group were on the hoses, with rolling them out, under running and spraying anything or anyone. Poor Nicky only went to take a picture and was seen as the perfect target. The groups move around so all have a go at each activity.

Soon it’s time for dinner, so upstairs and dinner is waiting. It doesn’t take long for the quiet to fall over the room as the food is demolished. They pack away another lunch and today they get a treat from Seamus who kindly brought birthday cake in. We all sang happy birthday and chocolate cake was handed out. I’m sure there is a film about chocolate cake……. Gone in sixty seconds?

Back down to start again, the groups continue to swap around and complete each task. Red team are in the smoke house making their way from one window across the house to the other, only being able to step on the wooded squares and plastic strips. They need to climb into the house through the window and work as a team making their way across and out the other window. Great team work.

Blue and Green are working together this afternoon on the pump and there is so much more water involved now. Of course, in tradition if there is a birthday to celebrate and it means a soaking! Seamus was having none of this as he has seen what happens in the past!! So if Shay won’t go to the water, the water must come to Shay…he he he !! He is calmed into a false sense of security while they plotted behind him. And action… you need to see the footage and pictures on our FB page, priceless.

Of course, Myles see’s that moment he has been waiting for since spying the shower. A perfect opportunity to end the day with a soaking. This is why I love this week so much. There is never a moment where they think, shall I do this? No straight in a think about it later. Just brilliant.

It’s Marks birthday at the end of the week. I say no more.

Hate to say it but it’s Coate Water tomorrow. Please remember to have that spare kit with you just in case a suit springs a leak or I don’t do your suit up far enough as Nicky found out last year!

Early nights please and sleep well as we need you with less yawning tomorrow.

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