Jo’s Blog 2018 Day Three

Here it is Nicky’s favourite day of the course, Coate Water Day.
Of course, we need a good breakfast, you just can’t go swimming without a good breakfast. Sausages, eggs, bacon, and beans…..Mmmm beans and dry suits..!!! If water can’t get in, nothing comes out. I will leave you to your own thoughts on that one.
After breakfast it’s downstairs to get ready. As most of you know by now there is a lot to get on, a very fetching fleecey onesie to keep you warm in the water, then the dry suit, and then the shoes and a buoyancy aid jacket and gloves, oh and the helmet.
Once at Coate water it was time to get the suits done up and helmets on. Lucky we checked wasn’t it Cory & Mike! Could have been a very interesting moment as we entered the water…..
Off down to the water’s edge to do some rescuing. Ed, Mike & Steve needed rescuing. They all get a chance to throw the line in and pull the guys back. Some managed it well others did well not to follow the line in as they threw it, but all was good and Ed, Mike and Steve are safe and well.
There was some great endurance swimming from the group and some even made it across to the other side and back, while some were happy to splash about and sit on the walkway and be pulled around the water. We also saw some great swimming on backs having rescued a partner and swimming to safety. Immy and Jane made a great team and showed excellent rescuing.
The suits are designed to keep us all dry, well the girls didn’t find that at all, each one of us was a little damp to say the least when we got back.
All to soon it’s time to go back and have lunch ready to start the afternoon activities.
Blue team got to help clean the kit down while Red and Green watched a safety DVD and had a go at identifying hazards and planning fire escapes. Watch out for the Blu-Tac people so lovely crafted by Nicky & Mile! There talents are endless.
I hope they have enjoyed it all so far and you are ready for more action by next weekend.