Jo’s Blog 2018 Day One

Here we are again already. I can’t believe this is our 10th Salamander, and what great fun we have had already, so much packed into it. It’s a strange year for me as this time Oliver is not on the course. He is having a wild time away with some new friends. But we welcome Jane and Immy to the course for the first time.

It’s so nice to see the young people all coming together like long lost friends. They all get on so well. In fact, this year (so far) there is a real sense of calm to the course, I’m sure it will change!

We start with our usual breakfast and they all know exactly where to go. They quickly get themselves seated ready for the sausage, bacon, egg, baked beans and toast which Nicky has prepared having come in very early to cook. Juice and fruit are also provided so we have everything covered.

We are not in groups yet, so they can please themselves where to sit just this once. Plates are soon clean and everyone is ready for the start of the action.

Back to the classroom to find out what we are doing. They are split into their groups and sent off to discover the station. It’s also time to get kitted out and t-shirts on. They are proper teams now.
Helping Blue team we have PC Ed and helping on the Green team is PCSO Mike, we also have Jo on the Green team.

Our team building consist of “Shark Infested Custard” Blind Leading The Blind, with small amounts of cheating (Jane) and benches, big hug time! Blue team this year are certainly feeling the love!
Dinner, a well-deserved fantastic lunch, Salad, rolls, bread and a choice of fillings with fruit and drinks. After dinner we get to do……Yes my favourite, (just before anyone else gets it in) it’s pole drop time.

At this point we get a special guest arrive. Cory joined us to say hello. Cory was part of the team a few years ago helping on more than one course. He brought along his new puppy for us to see. Only he didn’t leave! We managed to get him into a kit and he spent the rest of the afternoon with us, just like old times.

Time for the fire hose, ladders and smoke house. Each team are kitted up and ready to go. Everyone managed the ladders this year, reaching the top of them and touching the top, nothing seems to stop them. The smoke house was put into the dark (all windows closed) no smoke yet but feeling their way around in the dark was great, all working as a team calling for each other. Myles is a great team member as you know exactly where he is, just follow the giggles.

Shouts of joy came as it was hose time and they got to spray the yard down and anyone else if they were standing too close! Rolling the hose still needs some practise as we seemed to have forgotten that it goes in a tight roll not in a loose baggy heap, not sure who it was because Oliver isn’t on the course so I can’t blame him!
Home time came around far too fast, but we are looking forward to a full day tomorrow with new challenges and achievements. Can’t wait!

Early nights for all as we worked them hard, and there was a lot of yawning today! See you in the morning.