Jo’s Blog 2018 Day Four

How does this course go so fast? Even with the break in the middle because of doing two weekends it has shot past and today is the penultimate day already and what a fun packed one it has been.
I don’t need to mention breakfast really as you know how it goes. Vast amounts of lovely breakfast are consumed and they are ready for the day.
Straight down to get changed as now they are going to be let loose with the hydraulic cutters! For those parents who have not had their young people do this before, we have asked the young people not to convert any family cars into sports cars but please remove all sharp objects just in case!! Immy and Jane took to this activity very well, too well probably (I’m trying not to laugh while typing this as all I can hear is Immy giggling as she removes another section of car.) Popping the windows before they cut the car up is also another popular activity. This also provides huge smiles.
Meanwhile the other side of the yard one team is heading into the smokehouse to rescue the baby, who once again is lost. This time it’s dark and they need to put all their skills to use and locate the baby and bring it to safety.
Around the corner in the classroom there is a lesson on First Aid with Mark. Who do they call? Is it important and needing 999 or will your parents/carers be able to help? We are delighted to how much our young people remember from previous years.
Soon it’s that all important time again and lunch is ready upstairs, again they enjoy their food and it’s down to the classroom for a briefing on who is going to do what tomorrow.
I can’t tell you much as it will spoil the surprise, but of course there is water involved and yes you get to witness the baby being rescued along with a lot more.
A few tired young people today, so early nights for all as we have a busy and important day tomorrow.
Again, can I remind you to park in the County Ground car park for the show as space is limited. The engines come into the yard at full speed on tight corners, I would hate for cars to be damaged and have to be put at the back ready for the likes of Jane & Immy to cut up because they love this so much and fresh cars are what they are after!!
Also be prepared to get wet as the weather is not looking to good and the show is outside.
I’m looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.
Night night.