Ethan is more confident about using his voice…

Ethan is just one of the children we support with speech and language therapy. Before joining the group, he was very aware of his difficulties with speech and avoided speech with all but his family.


Now, thanks to the work of our speech and language sessions , Ethan has become much more confident about using his voice.


His mum Jo said: “Over the summer, and since starting the new school year, Ethan has continued to grow with his speech and language skills. Ethan continues to say new words and has been particularly pleased with himself for being able to say his uncle and cousins’ names.
He loves the praise and smiles he receives and is very excited when you have understood him. His favourite thing at the moment is to say ‘coconut cake’ whenever he can as he loves the response we give. It’s quite a tricky thing for Ethan to say and he will say it loud and proud every time! Ethan still really enjoys speech group and his confidence continues to grow.


Global’s Make Some Noise are supporting our charity’s speech and language therapy sessions, which give young people with Down’s syndrome the opportunity to practice their communication skills in a structured, safe and fun environment.