Day 3 Salamander 2015 Jo’s blog

Once again a huge amount of food is consumed at breakfast, so wonderfully cooked by Nicky and Denise. I think they all may be getting used to this style of eating in the morning. Parents be prepared you have a lot to live up to next week.
It’s a busy morning today as it is Coate Water day which means getting into those all-important fluffy suits before being squeezed into a dry suit. It’s not an easy task as the head bit is around 3” across (may be a little exaggeration, but not much) and we have to pull it over the head so it fits tight around the neck to stop any water coming in, in theory! So down they all went into the hanger where Mark has set out everyone’s kit and its all go to get them ready.
Once again this year we are lucky enough to have the Newsquest Mini bus to take us over to Coate Water with a lovely driver and soon there is a line of eager young people that can’t wait to get into the bus. We also have a mini bus and the Ambulance to head off in and of course the Fire Engine. Once we are all ready and in various transport we head off. Coate Water look out we are on the way.
For the first time in a couple of years the water looks inviting, well as much as Coate Water can when you’re about to wade in. With Nicky’s great system in operation once again this year, we have the pegs on shoes all named so we know where to put their glasses and hearing aids, makes life so much easier when returning them to the correct owner. Helmets on, check……Gloves on, check……Zips done up tight, check…….and we are ready to go.
There is so much excitement as Mark leads them down to the water’s edge where this year they have to rescue some of the senior crew stranded in the water. They are shown how to throw the buoyancy aid in towards the person in distress and rescue them, then each team have a go rescuing. Lots of good throwing techniques here and I’m happy to report all lives were saved.
Now for the fun, everyone in the water and time for a good swim and a ride on the walkway which is pulled into the water by Nev and myself with Luke firmly sat on the end so he could get prime position. It’s a fight to get on and the fun starts as they push each other off. There is a great tussle with Steve and Josiah to who was going to be pushed off. I have to say Josiah put up an excellent fight and won! Then there was a great bit with Lane getting the better of Tariq and once again the adult loses out and is dumped into the water. This is why I am safely at the side of the lake in the shallow water!! I know some may call me a chicken, but I am here for the ones who don’t want to venture far…….this year that was just me!!
We have time for some jumping in off the jetty, and most completed two jumps into the crystal clear waters!! Screams of delight echo around the lake and we are treated to Myles’s little dance before he goes in. Some take a great long run up, some take the run up and then stop and almost plop into the water. Some stand there so long they are eased into the water by their team mates!!
Soon it is time to go back and everyone is out the water and hosed down before being peeled out of the suit and back into dry shoes. This year we may hold the record for losing the most shoes in the lake. Not sure why this happened but they have now been added to the weird and wonderful stuff on the bottom of Coate Water.
Back at the station it’s time for dinner. Today there is a lovely salad, fresh bread, hams, cheese, egg mayonnaise, tuna, Coleslaw, and crisps. Again huge amounts of food is consumed, (even loads of salad) so whatever they say when they get home, yes they do like salad.
Time for pole drop and this is so fast now that they are all down and over to get changed before we can get the camera out. We are very proud of them all as this was a real challenge for many but now it’s done with ease.
Over to get changed, and now the sun has decided to come out, just as we are all in full kit. Not that the rain has bothered any of them this week but it does become a little warm in that kit. Once ready it’s time to start with the……..oh no I can’t say or it will spoil Friday, sorry your just going to have to wait.

Night all