Callum starts sixth form

It’s not quite back to school for Callum this week but the start of a new chapter, sixth form! Here’s how Callum and his mum Jenny felt about the transition from school to college…
I suppose I hadn’t really given much thought to Callum starting sixth form as the focus for him for the best part of six months has been GCSEs. We had originally gone down the route of a mainstream college as he has been in mainstream education all his life but it quickly became apparent that at 16 the difference between Callum and typically developed boys of 16 was greater than I had anticipated and I feared that he would get lost in the system. I had a conversation in April this year with Crowdy’s and immediately knew this was the place where Callum would continue to grow into the young man he was becoming and develop life skills that he wouldn’t get anywhere else.
Callum left school with 3 GCSE passes, a BTEC level 2 in Home cooking skills and a BTEC level 1 in the arts. Could not be prouder!
I’ve asked Callum how he feels about starting college and this is what he said… “I like Crowdys. It is a very good place to go for people with disabilities. They have two flats being built and I am looking forward to staying in one of them. I love functional skills because we talk about food a lot and we will be learning how to cook tea. I really want to do performing arts and hospitality so I can go to Foxes Academy then I can be a Butlins Redcoat. “
As a mum I hadn’t realised just how much I had worried about Callum beginning this next chapter until the bus arrived outside our house on Wednesday morning. All of a sudden my throat tightened and I felt a huge pang of emotion and a tear trickling down my face that I just couldn’t control. Suddenly my little boy wasn’t so little anymore. We’ve had high expectations for Callum as we have for our other children but there is always the fear of the unknown, that you can never be exactly sure what the future holds but I do know that he will be ok. My advice to other parents/carers/siblings is let them lead you. Keep an open mind and when talking about their future never say no you can’t/won’t be able do that. Callum wants to be a Redcoat. He would be the first and there would absolutely be challenges along the way. But my view would be “what can we do to make that happen.”