Abbie’s First Day at Secondary School

As it’s back to school for most of us this week we wanted to share some stories from our members about their experiences of going back to school.

First up its Abbie McAlpine who will be starting secondary school this week. Abbie and her mum Mandy share their story on transitioning from mainstream to special school and now Abbie moving into year 7. Read their story here.

When Abbie first went to Brimble Hill in year 5, I knew we had done the right thing in moving her from a main stream school. She thrived and was getting up every day including weekends saying the word and signing school, Abbie loved it there and has made some good friends who are also going to Uplands with her. I honestly don’t think there was one parent who wasn’t crying at the leaver’s assembly. I would like to take this chance to once again thank everyone at Brimble Hill (to many to mention) who had an input into the changes we have seen in Abbie, her love to read and her independent making of sandwiches (even the ones with not so appropriate fillings…)

Abbie Brimble

I ask myself where the time has gone she is starting Uplands on Monday the 5th September and has been very independent this summer holiday getting herself up and dressed and was asking to go to school every day. I am confident that the changes I will see in Abbie while she is a student at Uplands will be just as dramatic as I have seen in the 2 years she has been at Brimble Hill.

Abbie says she wants to go to Uplands school “I have my friends there, I want to sing, I like my teacher and I love Cameron and Amy with me in my class.”

Nothing makes me more happy or proud as a parent than to know that Abbie is looking forward to going and learning new things at school. Also knowing the life skills she will gain at Uplands will help her have late in life is a real comfort to me.